Monday, January 11, 2010

From 2010 Until 2012

Looks like the next two years will be the fulfillment of ancient prophesies and current
"Cybil the Soothsayers" all in agreement. We will be experiencing the end of all the world's
great empires all simultaneously, spontaneously, and chaotically. What comes after all the
dust is settled? Who knows, but what is for sure--We are seeing the end of the old order.

Bill Herbst, Astrologer, says that by 2012, a world wide meltdown of all the world's currencies
will have occured. By itself this would be enough, if no world changes were added into the
mix. Those are supposed to happen too. But the currency crash seems the likely candidate here since all governments are acting in the same way regarding emergency measures.

I will look at, post and share anything related to current and future breakdowns.


Buenos Aires, Ar.

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